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    Humans globally face unseen challenges while transforming their businesses. Competing in a digital and borderless economy is complex and the pace of change keeps increasing. The inter-dependencies and exponential behavior of cause-impact relations are growing. It’s getting harder to decide and navigate between things that actually have an impact. That’s why we’re building Field33.

    Our mission is to help people deepen their understanding and impact on organizations. Combining empirically proven success factors and local data into specific multi-dimensional graphs to model the entire complex for relatable actions at fingertips. We enable organizations to tap into an ecosystem of domain experts and researchers applying knowledge in real-time. We strongly believe in the diversity of organizations and therefore also in that of our team being able to holistically master the challenges we will face.


    We’re looking for a driven Senior Software Engineer - Backend (f/x/m), who will help us to build the tools and platform for the future of organizational data. Software Development at Field33 is not only about writing Code. You need to be able to make good architectural decisions, ship quality code, and distill an ambitious long-term vision down to milestones and issues. We don’t draw a hard line between our engineering and data research colleagues, we all work on the same stack and share work, knowledge, and tools. We do fundamental knowledge graph + machine learning research and we deliver commercial quality software that puts it to use. You consider yourself polyglot? We mostly work in (Java, Rust, Python), but dip into other languages when it makes sense to.

We are looking for a software engineer who combines technical, communication, and analytical capabilities and who will have the opportunity to design and develop creative, compelling, and cutting-edge systems that support our mission.

    The role will be remote and later based in Berlin.


    • You're comfortable being lean and you fix problems without waiting for someone to tell you to
    • Architect, code & test backend services of the platform and further increase the support for machine learning training, prediction and annotation
    • Write documentation where necessary
    • You are aware for the needs of IT Security and Data Privacy towards our platform
    • Improve the scalability & performance of our product for our enterprise customers which need to handle high complexity and depth
    • Propose best practices for FLD33 engineering to follow
    • You take pride in teaching and learning from teammates, and enjoy constructive peer review in a respectful environment
    • Continuously learn the technologies that will play a role in FLD33's success
    • Navigate our tech stack: TypeScript, React, Python, Java, Neo4J, GitHub Actions, (Kubernetes), (GCP/AWS) among other technologies and frameworks
    • You thrive in an inclusive and supportive environment, working with people from diverse backgrounds


    • You have 4+ years of experience developing large-scale service-oriented applications. Ideally with Java, Python, Rust (which we use), or if you consider yourself polyglot + ideally you've already worked with Neo4J or a comparable graphDB
    • You have experience working with Typescript (or vanilla JS) server-side with NodeJS + ideally GraphQL and Apollo
    • You are experienced in setting up needed cloud infrastructure with e.g. Terraform (Kubernetes or Hashicorp experience is a strong plus)
    • CI/CD experience for software applications
    • You are interested in improving developer happiness and productivity, and can justify technical improvements backed up by data
    • You are experienced with the difficulties of complex client-side data visualizations
    • You understand technical complexities and have the ability to produce clean, well-maintainable code
    • Ideally you have experienced working in engineering effectiveness teams

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