8 Remote Companies in Berlin, Germany - 2021

The following list contains 8 Remote Companies in Berlin for full time & part time jobs. Most of them have English as their business language, so even if you don't speak German yet, go for it

Working remotely or homeoffice (as Germans like to call it) has been trending upwards in 2020 & 2021. Companies have started listing down flexible remote work as one of their benefits and this remains as an attractive proposition for employees especially for tech startups.

The following list contains 8 Remote Companies in Berlin for full time & part time jobs in no particular order. Most of them have English as their business language, so even if you don't speak German yet (especially as a foreigner), go for it.

Verve Group

Verve Group is a privacy-first omnichannel ad platform offering programmatic solutions that connect advertisers and publishers to people in real time.

Jobs for Verve Group
17 job opportunities open for Senior Software Engineer (m/f/d), Senior Software Engineer, Berlin (m/f/d), Talent Acquisition Specialist (m/f/d), Senior Data Engineer (m/f/d), Junior Creative Designer (f/m/d), DevOps Engineer (m/f/d) and more

Groceries delivered in 10 minutes

No matter what you need: We deliver your groceries including fresh fruit and vegetables of the highest quality directly to your home. Within 10 minutes and at supermarket prices.

Jobs for Flink
51 job opportunities open for Working Student - Customer Care Agent (m/w/d), Engineering Manager - Platform (m/f/d), Schichtleiter*in / Shift lead - Rostock (m/w/d), (Senior) Legal Counsel - Arbeitsrecht (m/w/d), Stage - Bras droit CEO France, Store Manager Nürnberg (m/w/d), Store Manager Bielefeld…


Spryker Cloud Commerce OS is a B2B, B2C and marketplace solution that has a proven track record of exceeding client expectation in flexibility and speed.

Jobs for Spryker
24 job opportunities open for Product Manager (m/f/d), Senior Account Executive A/CH (m/f/d), Senior Sales Manager Nordics (m/f/d), Senior Sales Manager UK&I (m/f/d), Technical Product Manager (m/f/d), (Senior) Partner Manager (m/f/d), Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (m/f/d), (Senior) Manager A…


Solvemate enable brands to deliver quality customer service through meaningful conversations. By empowering customer service departments with automation and insights, we are able to provide the right help at the right time for their customers. Our core aspiration is for brands to use exceptional service to exceed customer’s expectations, drive loyalty and grow lifetime customer value.

Jobs for Solvemate
5 job opportunities open for Marketing Operations, Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, Senior NLP Engineer, Senior Product Owner

Zolar GmbH

Mit einer Solaranlage günstigen Strom erzeugen.

Jobs for ZOLAR GmbH
86 job opportunities open for Senior Manager FP&A - Berlin or 100% remote (f/m/d), Praktikum People & Culture / Recruiting (m/w/d) - Berlin or 100% remote, Senior UX / UI Designer (w/m/d) - Berlin oder 100% remote, Senior DevOps Engineer (w/m/d) - Berlin oder 100% remote, Werkstudent Customer Care A…


We are reinventing teamwork for spreadsheets by introducing a productivity layer on top of Excel and Google Sheets. In short, we are building GitHub For Spreadsheets.

Jobs for Layer
5 job opportunities open for Technical Product Owner (Berlin or remote / all genders), Senior Backend Engineer - Java/Kotlin (Berlin, all genders), Founders Associate (all genders), Apply for your Dream Job (Talent Pool & Upcoming Positions), Product Designer (Berlin or remote / all genders) and mor…


Phiture is a multi-award-winning mobile growth consultancy and agency working with the teams behind leading apps. Using the company’s industry-acclaimed Mobile Growth Stack as a strategic framework, Phiture team offers 5 key services: App Store Optimization, Performance Marketing, User Retention/CRM, Subscription Revenue Optimization services and Growth Consulting.

Jobs for Phiture
23 job opportunities open for Event and Community Manager, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Executive Assistant to Managing Director (m/f/d), ASO Consultant - Mobile Marketing (m/f/d), Account Director (m/f/d), Account Executive (m/f/d) and more

Lendis GmbH

Deine Ausstattung, so wie Du sie brauchst. Office, Homeoffice,  Remote – monatlich gemietet und digital gemanaged an einem Ort.
Rent office equipment & technology flexibly
✓ Manage office inventory clearly
✓ Personal support
✓ Lendis.io

Jobs for Lendis GmbH
18 job opportunities open for Customer Service Manager (m/w/d), Operations Manager (m/w/d), Senior Paid Social Media Manager (m/w/d), Account Executive (m/w/d), Customer Success Manager (m/w/d), Data Engineer (m/f/d), Engineering Manager (m/w/d) (100% remote or hybrid) and more

Company blurbs have been borrowed either from Google search results or their own websites. Feature image credited to Unsplash

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